COVID-19 Update

Are we open for normal church services this weekend? Historically, the church has always been a place people turn to in times of need Ė a refuge. Living Wordís doors can remain open to our community while, using wisdom, also join with our Governorís recommendations to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

In short, we are open for all of our normal services. However, I am encouraging those who are willing to stay home and watch our live stream (link below). Our online service will be fun and hopefully make you feel engaged and part of the service even though you may not be there in person.

I have done a great deal of prayer and consideration particularly in regard to our need to honor our Governorís desire to enact precautions to slow the spread of the corona virus. I believe he is acting with wisdom and with what is in the best interest of the people of this state. He has very difficult decisions to make and we should all be praying for him and all of our leaders.

I cannot get peace regarding any option where we close our doors. There are far too many people in our community who have a great many needs Ė not just those related to this particular crisis. We minister to people hurting in so many ways every single Sunday Ė from depression, health challenges, broken marriages and more. They need the church and we will be there for them. Historically, in times like these, people turn to Jesus. We need to be there.

Donít feel guilty if you feel better staying at home and watching the live stream during this crisis. You may actually be freeing up a seat for someone else who desperately needs it!

We will honor our Governorís decision and do everything in our power to avoid exceeding 50 people in any room. I understand we may, however, still be persecuted for having our doors open at all. Iím okay with being persecuted for ministering to hurting people in a time of crisis. I love our congregation and our community far too much to deny them the option of coming to Godís house in a time of need. I donít believe that even, as the pastor of the church, that I have the authority to close the doors to Godís house. I will continue to be His hands and feet.

I encourage all of our church family to be a voice of peace and love in word and in deed among all of the craziness around us. Itís WHY we are here!

In Christ,
Pastor Jeff Zubeck

P.S. Here is the link to our live stream.