We Are Here for You - Counseling and Helps

We are a church family that cares and we are here to meet your needs. Here are just some of the things we can help with:

Marriage Coaching
We offer, free of charge, marriage coaching to our church and community. We are not licensed psychiatrists or psychologists, but we have trained marriage coaches who can help talk you through marriage issues and point you to truths from God's Word to help repair and improve any marriage. If you want to schedule a meeting, call the church at (480) 584-6116.

General Counseling
We are available to pray with and counsel you through life's difficult times. We have qualified leaders in the church who would be happy to meet with you, lead you to scriptural truth and pray with you.

Hospital Prayer and Visitation
If you or a loved one is in the hospital, we want to know so that we can pray! Wherever possible, we would be happy to come visit at the hospital to pray and encourage. We don't ever want a member of our church family to feel alone during those difficult times.

If your family is in need of a church and pastor for a funeral or memorial service for a loved one, our building and Pastor Jeff are available. These services are free to members of our church family. If your family is having services at a different location, Pastor Jeff is still available to officiate when needed.

The building and/or Pastor Jeff are available to be a part of your special day. We have a very reasonable price for church family members (just enough to cover our expenses) and good rates for those outside Living Word. You can contact our office for details and to be put in touch with our wedding coordinator.