Hospitality Ministries

As we grow in the Lord we become more and more aware of the need to reach out and serve others. There are many areas in the church that you can get involved -- in many it is just as simple as smiling and shaking hands. You can do that!


Studies show that most people form their opinion of a church in the first few moments after they arrive -- long before the worship or the sermon. Our greeters are the first faces people see as they walk through the door. We are always looking for people willing to simply smile and greet people as they enter the doors. Our greeters help set the tone for the entire day at the church.


Our ushers are a hard-working a close-knit team. They are responsible for helping seat everyone, answering questions and many other in-service support tasks. Our ushers play a vital role in making each Sunday go smoothly and helping serve each person who walks through our doors.


If you love to smile and talk with people, then the information counter is a great place for you. We serve by answering questions, helping people register for events and activities and helping those who are new to Living Word feel welcomed and at home.


We are always looking for those interested inserving in our coffee house. You don't have to be a cook or a chef (though, if you are, we will put you to work). All you have to do is smile and serve coffee and refreshments. Training is available.


We can use people who would be willing to assist both the members as well as those who are new in a quick and smooth check-in for their children. This is a great way to serve in the nursery or children's ministry, even if you are not comfortable working in a classroom.