Our Pastors

Pastor Jeff Zubeck

Pastor Jeff Zubeck

Jeff Zubeck has been part of the Living Word Bible Church family since 1993. He has served in almost every position in the church at some time, from building maintenance and graphic designer to worship leader, Sunday School teacher, youth pastor, and Associate Pastor of the Mesa campus under Drs. Tom and Maureen.

While growing up, his family was involved in a broad range of churches across the Christian spectrum, from Roman Catholic to Pentecostal, and he is always thankful for the many valuable things he learned from each of these "parts" of the Church Body.

Jeff was a founding member and lead guitarist in the CCM band RE:ZOUND with Pastor Jason Anderson. The band had numerous Top 30 Christian radio hits and toured with many of the top acts in Christian music. The greatest accomplishments for the band, though, included doing "rock crusades" in places like India, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. An estimated 150,000 people have been reached for Christ through those crusades. He and Pastor Jason also founded VSR Music Group, which is now among the top recording labels in Christian music. He is also a writer and cast member for the television show grOWtv.

Pastor Jeff has also authored the book, What Did You Expect? The book explores the differences between hope, belief and expectation. It also describes the ways to overcome the things that diminish our expecting (according to the Word).

Jeff has been happily married to his wife Tammy (whom he met in a Living Word College and Career Sunday School class) since 1995, and they have four beautiful children. By the way... he is older than he looks :)

Pastor Tammy Zubeck

Pastor Tammy Zubeck

Tammy Zubeck has been with Living Word since 1988 and has served in many areas of the church as well, from running the children's ministry to music, teaching, and women's ministry. Tammy has also written a 2-year comprehensive children's church curriculum that is being used in churches all over the nation.

Tammy has been involved with developing a complete Bible College program for pastors throughout Uganda. Once completed, the program will be used for pastors not only in Uganda but all over the world.

She oversees our women's ministries where her vision is to plainly teach the Word and to encourage women to grow in their God-given destiny.

Professionally, Tammy was a high school math teacher for 10 years and has taught math in the Maricopa Community College system since 1998. She also has edited and ghost-written a number of books for a variety of Christian authors.

What she loves doing most, though, is being Mom to her four children.


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