Map, Service Times and Visitor Information

Map Location SUNDAYS
8:30 AM Main Service
9:45 AM Main Service
11:00 AM Main Service
All other Sunday School and Youth Services are on break - COVID-19

The remainder of our weekly scheduled meetings are on on break - COVID-19.

6:30 PM Prayer and Intercession Night

10:00 AM Extraordinary Sisters Bible Study (takes a break in July and December)
6:30 PM Prayer and Intercession Night
7:00 PM Midweek Family Bible Study (takes a break in July and December)

7:00 PM Men's & Women's Bible Studies (takes a break in July and December)


Service Times and Lengths
We have three Sunday morning services. Services are at 8:30am (ending at approximately 9:30), 9:45am (ending at approximately 10:45am) and 11:00am (ending at approximately 12:00pm).

Parking and Entering
When you enter the Living Word Bible Church parking lot, you can pull into one of our First Time Visitor spots right up front. When you enter the building, please visit our Visitor Reception Center just inside the main doors. There you will be joyfully greeted with a copy of our monthly bulletin, which includes details on all the events happening at Living Word Bible Church, and other informational material. If you have children, please ask us to assist you in getting them checked in, so you can avoid the normal check-in line. The main sanctuary is straight ahead as you come through the main doors, and the children's church is to the right and down the hall. Your teenagers should go to the sanctuary for worship. During the 9:15 service only, they are dismissed for Youth Sunday School after praise and worship. At the 11:00 service they remain in the main sanctuary for the entire service.

What To Do Until Service Begins
If you happen to get to the church a bit early, you can grab a gourmet coffee or a snack at our coffee house, to the left as you enter the main doors. Mention that you are a first-time visitor, and your coffee is on us! Is reading your thing? In the same area, we've also got a bookstore stocked with great products for you to browse and purchase while waiting.

Atmosphere and Dress Code
The atmosphere at Living Word Ahwatukee is casual and welcoming; there is no dress code. BE YOU! We want you to feel comfortable, whether you enjoy dressing up for church or prefer to dress casual. We use music, video, and other creative elements to communicate truth in a contemporary way. You will find out we really enjoy laughter and think a "family gathering" ought to be joy-filled. We hold a high reverence for our Most High God, but we never take ourselves too seriously. We want you to leave our services feeling uplifted and ready for success. The world can be tough all week--we want your church experience to be a "re-charging" experience!

Music Style and Volume
Our worship music is very contemporary and varies in style from week to week, depending on which of our bands is on the schedule. Most times, it is "adult contemporary" or very similar to what you would hear on K-Love or Air1. Other weeks, it can have a little bit more of a "rock" edge (but not too wild) or more of an R&B flair. Is it really loud? I guess that is a matter of taste. Those who like really loud music think it is too quiet, and those who do not think it is too loud :) Note that our sound engineers are professionally trained and use special equipment to measure the sound decibel levels to make sure they are well within the range of what is safe for our ears.

Recognizing Our Visitors
We do not do anything to draw attention to you as a visitor. No one will ever make you stand up and introduce yourself or anything like that. We want you to feel comfortable, not awkward or embarrassed. If you prefer to just blend in, that is okay with us. We ask all of our attendees and members to fill out what we call a "connection card." That card allows our regulars to let us know they were here, ask for information, take actions related to that week's sermon and, most importantly, submit prayer requests and praise reports. Our pastors personally pray over each prayer request and submit all of them to our intercessory prayer team each week. As a visitor we ask you to give us as much information on that card as you feel comfortable sharing.

After Service Ends
After the service, we invite you to meet the Pastors at the Visitor Reception Center (located right outside the front doors as you leave), and receive a special gift. Pastors Jeff and Tammy also want to meet you, get to know you a little bit, and answer any questions you may have.

People of all ages enjoy our services. We hope to see you there!

See you Sunday!